WCL - The Resurrection

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Poor WCL...

I am sorry to say, that WCL is officially dead. I will not go into explain the problems we encountered, but there is one major thing that has changed since we started this blog almost two years ago:

We don't live with wrestlers anymore.

I am pleased with what we accomplished with this blog, however it was very sad to let it die a long death. After first semester in our first year we just let the blog take a back seat to everything in our lives.

Our excuses simply do not hold up over time... " We were way too busy" should be something like " We were way too lazy." It really isn't too hard to take five minutes out of our day to type something up here, but thats what happened. Unfortunately, it was a lost cause in reviving the blog.

The three of us are drifting pretty far apart now, and maybe see each other once every few months. By no means is this a bad thing, it is simply evidence that as people grow up, they move down their own paths through life, and some things get left behind for better or worse.

To be honest I wish that we all could take a trip somewhere to remember why we were all friends in the first place. Sure, I don't have the money but I'm sure I could find it if the rest of the group committed. Money at this point in my life , although not expendible, is something that I don't feel bad to dish out for good times, especially for oppurtunities that I will never have in the future. I don't know if anything will ever come of this post, or if anybody will ever see it, but I felt that it was something I needed to say. I miss you guys, and I hope that before we graduate we can have one last 'Hurrah' as it were. This is the time in our lives that we can still 'take a couple weeks off' and have insignificant repurcussions.

I will only update this blog one more time -- in the case that we make a new one. Otherwise, this blog will be backed up and archived somewhere, never to be seen again. So sad.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

I'm here

Well, I've moved in and thus decided it'd be a good time to start posting. Move in went fairly decently, I'm not completely unpacked but Webster (my new roommate) isn't here for three days, so I have time.

Tonight I did make one cardinal mistake however, I drank without eating for a long time before hand... say 8 hours, bad idea. I was plastered by 10, but still feeling fine. I really don't have much else to post right now, besides that on my floor the only people that really have moved in are people who came from the substance free floor, and thus dont' drink, don't smoke, don't party in any way except the N64 type. Thus, we have very little in common, and that makes my floor boring, but my friends from my floor last year are around, and are my saving grace in matter of sense.


Monday, August 22, 2005

Quick Update

In my "I'm not tired and work in 7 hours" 4 AM stupor I added the hit counter back on the right side of the page.
Just for the hell of it, I'll thank Statcounter.com for providing that, they do good, reliable, and best of all, free service.

We also have an RSS feed for you firefox or safari users out there feed://wrestlercollegelife.blogspot.com/atom.xml

Friday, August 19, 2005

We're Back! ( A Dinosaur's Story)

Anybody else seem to remember that cheesy movie made in the early 90's where a scientist abducts a ton of dinosaurs in his crazy time travelling spacecraft and feeds them cereal that makes them smarter then they travel into the future to meet this homeless kid who happlessly falls in love with this little rich girl and they run away to the circus to find said scientists evil brother who gives the dinorsaurs 'brain drain' pills to make them stupid and advertises them as beasts but the kids and their power of 'love' for each other help save the dinosaurs and make them smart again then the kids make up with their parents and still like each other while the (talking) dinosaurs live in the new york public museum for the rest of their trite and meaningless lives?

.... yea... me neither.

Anyways a couple things have changed, nobody is at school yet so nothing has necessarily been kicked off. We're looking to change things up a bit this year... more pictures, more exciting posts, possibly a shorter URL... who knows, maybe even a custom layout?

In any case it's at least a week until one of us moves back, let alone starts school... but once things get rolling we'll all start posting again.


Sunday, January 30, 2005

What a waste...

Today was a wasted day, I did not do anything worth while, and I could not get any work done. I have also caught a terrible cough from someone, the only sick person I know was Mike, so a shout out goes to him for this great disease.

As for work, I cannot focus on anything. Whenever I try doing something my mind wanders, until if finally lands on one specific thing, or person. But I won't name names. Sleeping tonight is not going to be a picnic, I'm no where near tired yet.

Bad news bears... walter matthau.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Crazzzzy Night..

Well, I have a pretty crazy night last night. There was a bit of alcohol involved, I'll just say I'm becoming quite the professional beer pong player. I went to sleep nearly 6 hours ago, but I'm up already, what's going on?! I woke up for some water, and the works, but I just couldn't fall back asleep, maybe just because I wanted to write this. This is the earliest I've been up this entire week.

I'm not really hurting, yet... Maybe when I fully wake up I'll feel the ill effects of too much alcohol.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Fucken Friday

Well today started with me waking up at 9:37 for a 10:00 AM class, only waking up because my friend (Stan) came in to see if I wanted breakfast, which of course I did not. I made class on time, and didn't even fall asleep. It was amazing!!! I talked to my mom on the phone today, and saw my dad, you'll all be glad to know they are doing fine.

Tough I suspect this weekend will be something along the lines of a "flop," I will go out to my friend Mike's house tonight and try to remedy that with a quarter barrel (Soooo small!). Maybe I'll throw yall an update tonight when I get home.

I have to call my grandmas tomorrow, yes you read right. As most people have asked when I've told them this story, "What is wrong with them?" To which I reply a simple nothing. Don't feel bad, I don't find it offending, I am just as confused as to the purpose of me calling my grandparents because when you parents tell you to do this, one naturally assumes something is wrong.

"Danny, there is absolutely nothing wrong, but you HAVE to go to the hospital." - As my friend Dan put it.

Well, I'm looking forward to a relatively dry weekend, but right now I am off for a run.